The Question of the Sesquicentennial: How Should We Remember the Civil War?

Posted on March 17, 2011

As the Civil War Sesquicentennial unfolds over the next several months, Southern Cultures (Emory University) is providing an online resource for scholars and students of the War, which includes new and featured content that explores the nation’s memory of the War and much more. This resource also includes all of the essays we’ve published over the last ten years on the Civil War from noted scholars and other great writers.

Our first offering for the Sesquicentennial is a new essay from former College of Charleston Professor and CLAW UK affiliate, David Gleeson (Northumbria University) that looks at how Confederate veterans used their status to post-War political advantage. In addition, among other offerings we’ll also provide a new essay from Peter Carmichael that suggests why competing schools of memory of Robert E. Lee provoke so many arguments.

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